Thesis and Dissertation Support

What do you get when you choose DBRS?

No more long waits for vague inadequate feedback from your supervisor. Our team not only responds quickly but we developed a methodology that benchmarks successful components of every chapter in the research paper from the leading universities in the world. This structure facilitates detailed explanations for each subheading and allows the client to execute with greater accuracy as there is no ambiguity of needs or requirements. With a client success rate of 99%, there is no area of the research and reporting process we cannot assist with.

Do numbers intimidate you?

There is an anecdote that says 5/4 persons are bad at math. Rest easy knowing that you are not alone and DBRS is the place for you. For many of our clients, the thought of having to run statistical analysis is extremely daunting. Using tools they have limited experience with including SPSS, STATA, R, MS Excel and others can be overwhelming to say the least. However, you rest assured that the team from DBRS is not only certified and qualified but these are the tools we use daily in the execution of research consulting initiatives.

I am good with words so I chose a qualitative study but this is harder than I thought!

Qualitative research is often misleading as many think it is an easier option especially if numeracy and statistics are not their strongest areas. However, this type of research could be quite challenging. Our expertise in ethnography, phenomenology, historiography as well as thematic analysis aid us in providing comprehensive services and guidance to our clients. We have extensive in-house expertise in the use of NVIVO, Power BI and other tools which assist in the provision of critical qualitative insights for clients.

Review and Editing

On completion of each session with DBRS, clients are given a number of areas to prepare on their own and submit. Once submitted, they are reviewed and detailed comments returned to the clients within 5 days of receipt. This allows for continuous progress and execution of key components of your research without the unwanted lags which often make you feel as though you are restarting when you finally receive feedback.

How can I access this assistance?

You can call us directly at (246) 622-2369 for a discussion on your needs or email For clients on island, our preference is for f2f (Face to Face) sessions which are all held at our office at Unit #13, Business Development Centre, Fontabelle, St. Michael. However, virtual sessions are also available depending on need. Cost BDS$50.00 per hour. This cost is also applicable to review and editing.