Latonya Maughn is a research psychologist (child psychologist) and has worked as a consultant since 2013. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science (First Class Honours) degree in Psychology from the University of the West Indies and a Master of Science in Family and Child Psychology with Distinction from the University of Chester. She is competent in research, particularly quantitative research, and complex data analysis and reporting. She is also well versed in qualitative research including conducting depth interviews, managing focus groups and naturalistic observation.

Designed and developed teaching manuals for bullying and drug awareness modules which are delivered to all first formers in Barbados' public schools.

Latonya has worked and conducted research with children from various social and cultural backgrounds and is passionate about child development and youth empowerment. Her areas of expertise include bullying and early childhood education and development.

Most recently she has assisted in monitoring and evaluation of the Transition to Secondary School Programme including the analysis of the results. She has also designed and developed teaching manuals to be used by facilitators in the delivery of bullying and drug awareness modules of the programme which is delivered to all first formers across public secondary schools in Barbados. She has assisted in the data collection for the None in Three project which seeks to reduce domestic violence in the Caribbean. She also worked as a consultant survey supervisor for various government research projects.

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