Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation is an integral part of assessing your company’s strategic plan, your NGO’s social programming objectives or the success of a recently concluded initiative. DBRS can assist you with measuring your success with internationally recognised methodologies in financial evaluation and objective measurement achievement from conceptualisation to analysis.

Independent Monitoring and Evaluation continues to be the hallmark of assessing programmatic success/failure across many industries in both private and public sectors. Most international agencies build strong and robust Monitoring and Evaluation components into any programme they roll out to ensure that the intended outcomes are met and objectives fulfilled. Doing so independently and objectively is the linchpin of this method’s success. Donors or executing agencies consider this to be paramount for them and DBRS has worked hand in hand with leading M&E experts the world over to develop M&E techniques/methodologies which are benchmarked internationally and also suited to the unique realities of the Caribbean Region.

DBRS is committed to strong stakeholder analysis, thorough financial reviews and in-depth analytics which go beyond the statistics and provide actionable recommendations for clients.

Some of our clients include: The ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, The Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit, the National HIV/AIDS Commission among others. Similar initiatives have also been conducted to explore marketing campaigns, introduction of new pricing models or new products into the market and other critical initiatives which combine to provide Strategic Business Intelligence. However, consistent with our NDAs, the names of many of these organizations cannot be revealed.